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"The thought of the training process with a new baby Jack Russell Terrier, did seem absolutely daunting.The cure, was to meet Nuno Nunes Incriveis Tavira.What a god-send.

“A Pawsitive attitude from me, is all I needed” Nuno said!!!

Nuno started home visits with my puppy before he was allowed out, then we joined a very small class, of just two dogs, then we graduated to full classes.

Dog training is a never ending process, learning is not an event, it’s a process.

Always challenge, never overwhelm your puppy, just a few of Nuno’s favourite sayings.

We must remember, a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself!

Nuno’s training qualities:He is extremely knowledgeable about all breeds, and behaviours. He is committed to dog welfare, Nuno is confident, positive, calm and strong.

Each lesson that Aldo and I have attended are great fun, for dog and handler.Therefore we fully recommend Nuno Nunes Incriveis." Aldo & Debbie Barton

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Nuno Nunes since 2013 helps to create some champions as solve many behavioral problems. In order to ensure success in his school, he has participated in multiple workshops and seminars of canine sports work with some of the best coaches in the world today ( David Román, Patrycia Kowalczyk, Hervé Mavuanga, Kees Seek and many more), having acquired training and experience in training in various fields and with various races. 

The mission of this school is to help in the most effective and balanced way, so that you enjoy more and better the company of your friend.

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In this phase of pandemic Covid-19 the Incrivéis school offers you group classes with all the safety, disinfection and mandatory distancing.

All training sessions have active participation of coach Nuno Nunes and his owners.

School located in the Park of Fairs and Exhibitions of Tavira.

The Incríveis school, founded in 2013 by Nuno Nunes, aims to teach and train the most "faithful friend", the dog.

Incríveis was born of the love that its founder always had for dogs and their willingness to transmit their knowledge.

Nuno considers that training is a great tool to reinforce the complicity and emotional bond that bind you to your animal.

Being the school one of the most cited and recommended in the Algarve for its reputation as a coach.

Welcome to Incríveis



Incríveis is a school that offers commitment, honesty and guarantee a good performance with excellent results. We offer various types of training, choose the one that best suits your goal.
We believe the training promotes stronger relationships between owners and animals.

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Parque de Feiras e Exposições, Tavira



"I've had Lady Baga for five years, she's a super active and fearless labrador. I decided to aquiring Nuno's help, since walking with her was out of the question... she's the one who took us for a walk. For several months I attended the individual classes and later the group socialization classes, I acquired all the necessary knowledge for the good behavior of Baga, in addition I have a fantastic relationship with my dog. 
Currently Baga attends Day Care, because she is a very active dog and needs to expend her energy. The canine family has grown up and we have a new little puppy in our life, if Baga hadn't received so much training, she wouldn't have taken Vicky, but everything is going well and soon we'll be attending classes with puppy Vicky.
I recommend Nuno Nunes, for the confidence, dedication and rigor in his classes, is more than a coach is also a good friend . "  Ricardo Nascimento
"We arranged to meet with Nuno about a week after we adopted Freddie. At that point Freddie was a 3 month old terrier mix and we needed to find the best solution to help us all to integrate him smoothly into our lives. 
It was amazing how Nuno made an instant difference to Freddie’s behavior and then also gave us the tools to further improve Freddie’s boisterous puppy temperament.
We love the training with Nuno and Freddie loves it also. It gives us the chance to learn the skills we need to teach him at home and there isn’t a single session where we don’t come away happy and feeling like we learned something extremely valuable. 
Nuno is not only a very nice person with great professionalism (and humour), he is an absolutely brilliant trainer and 100% recommended."  Elisabeth Esterl e Neil Webb
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