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Day Care, is a service provided by the Incríveis school that aims to offer a way out to your "faithful friend" to have fun, spend energy and receive all the necessary care.


This type of service has been highly sought after for owners with hectic lives but who would like to provide stimulating activities to their dog, interaction with other dogs, training camp activities, swimming in the pool, thus spending the necessary energies.

Try it, you can leave your dog free to have fun and feel happy.

Currently Sold Out.

Boarding school, is a service for those who do not have much time to attend face-to-face classes and train their dog.

In this type of training your dog will be in school for a period of 2 months, in which will have the exclusive attention and dedication that need.


The purpose of this approach is to teach your dog new habits, socialization, obedience, impulse control, leash use, among others.


The knowledge acquired will also be worked with the owners, so that the new behaviors are quickly reproduced in the context of the "normal life" of the animal.

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8 sessions - €150

Day Care

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1 Month - €1000

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