14 May 2021

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Sport is as important to the health of humans as it is to dogs. But canine sport is not only meant to promote physical fitness, it also means fun, education, competition, mental work and social interaction.


Our training consists of several modalities:

IGP, is considered a sport "triathlon" because the dog is evaluated in 3 disciplines: pistachiing, obedience and defense. This modality challenges dogs and owners, tests mental stability, endurance, courage, physical and mental dexterity, the ability to olfactory discrimination, willingness to work, as well as the ability and quality of dog training.

Mondioring is subdivided into three disciplines: obedience, jumps and defense. Nerve control, concentration capacity and good conduct are basic requirements for this modality.

Obedience, this training is not about submission the goal is for the dog to perform the exercises willingly, quickly and above all, accurately. The relationship of good communication, teamwork between the owner and the dog will be evaluated.


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Sport Training

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